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Soccer Challenge
Primary Lightweight Soccer A
Soccer Competition 1st place Jing'an No.1 China
2nd place EMM-CF China (Macao)
3rd place Nanyang 2 Singapore
Best Presentation Complubot Soccer Light Spain
SuperTeam 1st place EMM-CF (China-Macao), KYA Macao (China-Macao), Reverse (Japan)
2nd place Submarine (China Taiwan), Qi Tian Da Sheng 2 (China), Jing'an No. 1 (China)
3rd place Belle (China Taiwan), GAKIDAYSYO (Japan), Nanyang 2 (Singapore)
Secondary Lightweight Soccer A
Soccer Competition 1st place Cenatex Light Portugal
2nd place Team Raffles
3rd place Luwan Senior High School China
Best Presentation St. Ursula Austria
SuperTeam 1st place Cenatex Light (Portugal), A.I. (Canada), Taipei 101 (China Taiwan)
2nd place SPQR Levis (Italy), Adelhitec (Germany), Team Raffles (Singapore)
3rd place Fast and Smart (Iran), MUNAKO-Amateras (Japan), Luwan Senior High School (China)
Open Soccer A
Soccer Competition 1st place CENATEX EP1 Portugal
2nd place Shenzen Experimental School China
3rd place Xi'an Robot & Jinan Aikeruit China
Best Presentation Farzanegan 1 Iran
SuperTeam 1st place CENATEX EP1 (Portugal), China Dragon (China), Shenzen Experimental School (China)
2nd place Hong Kong 1 (China Hong Kong), Iran-helli Soccer A (Iran), EPFLiving Machines (Portugal)
3rd place Fontix (Singapore), Max (China Taiwan), Farzanegan 1 (Iran)
CoSpace Rescue
Open Soccer B 1st place EMM-MC China (Macao)
2nd place Complubot Soccer Spain
3rd place CENATEX EP 3G Portugal
Best Presentation Complubot Soccer Spain
SuperTeam 1st place Magic Creator (China Taiwan), CENATEX EP 3G (Portugal), Complubot Soccer (Spain)
2nd place KURU-MIRA (Japan), e^iπ+1=0 (Japan), Hong Kong 2 (China Hong Kong)
3rd place KY B Macao (China Macao), Quattros (Germany), EMM-MC (China Macao)
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