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Rescue Challenge
Primary Rescue A
Rescue Competition 1st place Shanghai
I China
2nd place 3T Robot Japan
3rd place Team ADVANCE II Japan
Best Presentation TAKEV Saviors Turkey
SuperTeam 1st place Sigma (Japan), Shenzen Dadalele (China)
2nd place Konto Croatia Team (Croatia), Team ADVANCE II (Japan)
3rd place 3T Robot (Japan), J-Bot (Germany)
Secondary Rescue A
Rescue Competition 1st place Hipérion Brazil
2nd place 3PK Japan
3rd place FireWave 3.0 Germany
Best Presentation Iran-Helli Iran
SuperTeam 1st place Dalian No.8 Senior Middle School (China), EPB Rescue 2011 (Portugal)
2nd place RCX Rescue Team (Japan), Suzhou No.1 Middle School (China)
3rd place blue-bot (Germany), GTE Jiangsu Suzhou (China)
Rescue B
Rescue Competition 1st place Just Epic Slovakia
2nd place SER
 TEAM Slovenia
3rd place RescueB.deec.uc.pt Portugal
Best Presentation Ulisse Italy
SuperTeam 1st place Sepanta (Iran), HelveticRobot (Switzerland)
2nd place RescueB.deec.uc.pt (Portugal), SOFT Robotics (Sweden)
3rd place Just Epic (Slovakia), SER
 TEAM (Slovenia)
CoSpace Rescue
Rescue Competition 1st place The Forsaken Singapore
Best Presentation HGV1 Singapore
SuperTeam 1st place Swiss Omicron (Singapore), M&Y (Japan)
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