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?lgili Resimler

The above picture shows the alignment of the new map (click to enlarge)

Wednesday July 6:

1. Schedule for Thursday (Sven Wachsmuth)
Please take a look on the referee schedule, the walker schedule, and the volunteers for who is who.

Thursday July 7:

1. Objects, Object Names, and Categories (Sven Wachsmuth)

2. The new version of map (Fariborz Mahmoudi (PhD))

Sunday July 10:

Results of the 2nd stage (Sven Wachsmuth)

The following teams are proceeding to the final:
1. NimbRo
2. WrightEagle
3. b-it-bots
4. RobotAssist
5. ToBI

The finals take place at 11am in arena B.

Robot@Home Finals


Shuttle Service to Conference 7.45 - 8.00am from Istanbul Fuar Merkesi (IFM) (Monday July 11th 2011) (Hatice Kose-Bagci)

Final Results of RoboCup@Home 2011 in Istanbul (Sven Wachsmuth)
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